The Phorum



Thursday 27th February 2020

Nursling Village Hall

Our theme for February was CALM.

A difficult subject amidst the seething weather and
recent unpredictable events - Brexit seems a minor inconvenience 
by our current standards of government and the elements.
But, we came up with something…some fitting the theme perfectly and others 
with a story to tell - albeit around the idea of “stay calm!”.
There are some from recent travels and some from the archives 
collected over decades by our diligent seekers of the perfect image.
Our monthly gallery of images can be seen here:

Our theme for March: FIZZ

Maggie introduced the evening with a touching and vivid series of photographs about 
her Mum’s “chaotic” lifestyle as she has become older and her transition to a care home
and the subsequent sale of her flat. A remarkable catalogue and narrative.
Mike has been to Florida and Andrew to Japan…just returning in time to avoid the corona!


The Southampton Art gallery has now closed its doors - we are hoping that there 
will still be an opportunity to view the exhibition after the gallery opens again.

View the exhibition here:

The Phorum Exhibition 2020 - Southampton Art Gallery


OPEN exhibition.

Take a moment to visit the Southampton Art Gallery website page regarding the OPEN exhibition.
The date to submit applications is July 2 - 4th 2020 and the exhibition opens on July 18th 2020.
The theme this year is MIGRATION, JOURNEY and THE SEA. 
All subjects appropriate to the seafaring city.

This year there is a special prize for Photography…so do give it a go.


Next meeting 
will now be suspended until the coronavirus situation improves
and government guidelines allow us to start social contact again.

The Southampton Art gallery has now closed its doors - we are hoping that there
will still be an opportunity to view the exhibition after the gallery opens again.



 About The Phorum photography group

The Phorum was formed in response to requests for a meeting place which would allow photographers to be acknowledged for their work, to have it peer appraised with lively discussion and to learn from others in the group.

Unlike many Camera Clubs there are no competitions and each month there is a set theme chosen by the group, the results of which are reviewed at each meeting.

We have regular talks and workshops covering technique, the history and range of genres of photography and well known practitioners.

One of the aims of the group is for our work to be seen.

We have regular exhibitions - last year's took place in the Southampton City Art Gallery - January to March 2017 and we have our next planned for sometime during 2020.

We are also keen on the publication of self published photography books and utilising Flickr and our own websites to display our work.

Our meetings take place on the last Thursday of every month.

The group is made up of very enthusiastic and prolific amateur photographers.

Absolute beginners can find their way with help and advice from those of us more knowledgeable  and those with experience and skill can expand, find new creativity and direction away from the sometimes limited range of ideas and genres available in traditional clubs.

For more information: If you would like to join the group or if you would like to be added to our mailing list for a newsletter about our activities please send an email to: