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25th January 2018
Winter Weather was our theme since the end of November 2017.
There was no meeting in December (too soon after Christmas).
We had a full house again and everyone brought images to view and apart from
a couple of announcements regarding exhibitions, local and national we spent the 
whole evening looking at some excellent photographs.
Mike has been travelling (that’s an understatement) and showed images from 
Cape Verde and Costa Rica - less winter like than many of the pictures conjured by 
us stay-at-home landlubbers. 
A very interesting range including some model shoots as well as 
the predicted weather based atmospheres and details.
As usual everyone flexed their artistic muscles and came up with 
some very thoughtful and experimental images.
Thanks to Ian and Theresa particularly and Carol and Martin who allowed 
us to investigate aspects of their pictures to the benefit of everyone.
We welcomed Andrew who came along for the first time and David whom I met 
during one of my judging sprees in Salisbury.
Our next theme for February Doors and Doorways.
A couple of or regular participants, Roy Fisher and Tony Chapman have
exhibits in the
Southampton Art Gallery Open Exhibition: The Four Seasons
Southampton City Art Gallery 
Admission Type: Free
Open Exhibition: The Four Seasons   
3 February – 21 April  
Gallery opening times: Mon to Fri 10am - 3pm / Sat 10am - 5pm / Sun closed
This exhibition features artwork by residents of Hampshire, Isle of Wight, 
Wiltshire and Dorset submitted as part of this year’s Open Exhibition. 
We have invited artists to take inspiration from the changing nature of the seasons: 
from beautiful Autumnal colours to re-birth and growth in Spring; from Winter frost 
and snow to Summer flowers and shimmering heat. The turning of the seasons has 
historically served as a means for artists to explore deeper issues around the 
cycle of life, the rhythms of nature and the relentless march of time.
Accompanying this exhibition will be a small display of artwork from 
Southampton City Art Gallery’s permanent collection which explores a 
range of artists’ approaches to the four seasons.
The gallery is also hosting a show by
Roger Mayne and St. Ives: A Defining Moment
13 Jan 2018 - 12 May 2018
This ground breaking exhibition shows very early work by 
world-renowned photographer Roger Mayne, and previously 
unseen images of St. Ives alongside portraits of the artists from the 1950s.
Don’t forget Andreas Gursky at the Hayward, South Bank until April
and a real treat: 
Elliott Erwitt at Beetles and Huxley Gallery, Swallow St, just off Piccadilly.
until 17th Feb - it will be worth the effort if you can make it!
Next meeting
February 22nd at Nursling Village Hall, SO16 0XH
at 7.30 pm


About The Phorum photography group

The Phorum was formed in response to requests for a meeting place which would

allow photographers to be acknowledged for their work, to have it peer appraised

with lively discussion and to learn from others in the group.

Unlike many Camera Clubs there are no competitions and each month there is a set

theme chosen by the group, the results of which are reviewed at each meeting.

We have regular talks and workshops covering technique, the history and range of

genres of photography and well known practitioners.

One of the aims of the group is for our work to be seen.

We have regular exhibitions - this year's took place in the

Southampton City Art Gallery - January to March 2017 and

we have our next planned for sometime during 2019.

We are also keen on the publication of self published photography books

and utilising Flickr and our own websites to display our work.

Our meetings take place on the last Thursday of every month.

The group is made up of very enthusiastic and prolific amateur photographers.

Absolute beginners can find their way with help and advice from those of us more knowledgeable 

and those with experience and skill can expand, find new creativity and direction away

from the sometimes limited range of ideas and genres available in traditional clubs.


For more information: If you would like to join the group or if you would like to be

added to our mailing list for a newsletter about our activities please send an email to: