Andrew Mills MA. MEd. CertEd. C&G(Dist).


I'm a professional photographer specialising in Advertising, Editorial and Commercial photography, 
Professional practice in all aspects of Studio and Location work, advertising,
editorial, documentary and commercial projects for a broad range of clients.

As an exhibiting art and documentary photographer I work on a variety of personal projects.
I'm a qualified lecturer in higher education, lecturing and teaching photography and art of photography
on degree level courses in university and higher education.
I run beginner level and advanced courses for groups and in companies for staff development.
I have a large library of images covering many subjects.
A broad range of talks and presentations for Clubs and Companies

I've won a few awards


Educational Background.


Diplomas in Photography and Graphic Design. (Coventry College of Art)
City and Guilds – Typography (Dist)
Certificate in Further and Higher Education.  (Bristol Polythechnical)
Master of Education (Psychology of Education)  (Bristol University)
Master of Arts (Photographic Studies) (University of Westminster)


Lecturing background.


HND and BA hons courses include:
Photography skill and technique. Including basics for inexperienced students.
Advertising and Editorial Photography – projects related to Fashion, Advertising, Magazines, Illustration,
Exhibitions and Self promotion.
Digital imaging and image manipulation. Lightroom, Photoshop, scanning, printing and digital capture.
Professional Studies. Business studies.  Professionalism in the working environment. Self promotion and Marketing.
Dissertation tutor and adviser.
Beginner and Improver courses

I run a photography group called the Phorum (See the page on this website)



Photographic background.


Freelance Editorial and Advertising Photography for advertising  agencies, magazines, printers,
publishers, tourism, design groups and public relations.


Experienced in
Large format studio and location. (5x4 and 10 x 8)
Medium format (6x6cm) and 35mm.
Studio and location lighting, flash and continuous. (Strobe, Elinchrom, Bowens)
All formats of monochrome and colour printing.
Digital cameras, scanning and digital image processing and printing.
Photoshop, Lightroom, image retouching, enhancement and design. 

Lecturing and presentation to large and small groups and
the use of video conferencing.


Courses, Modules and Lectures      

written and delivered to HND, BA(hons), PQE students

 Photography Basics                          Use of Large Format and Studio Lighting, Lighting & Composition

 Practical projects                              Photographic- Integrated, Multi media

 The critical analysis of images          Commercial and Artistic reference

 Creativity & control

 The Advertising industry

 The Editorial industry                   

 Technology changes

 Business Studies                              Planning, Freelancing / employment Setting Up- Costing Managing / Time managem

                                                            The Media industry

 Communication                                In the Media; Interpersonal / Self expression.


 Self Promotion

 Digital Imaging                                Digital Capture, archiving, colour management

                                                          (Photoshop, Lightroom etc) imaging for the web.

 The use of computers                      Word processing, Business, DTP, Imaging

 Disseration Tutor and Advisor

 Academic Counsellor and Advisor

 Period as Acting Field Chair

Talks and Workshops

Art and the Art of Photography

What Makes Great Photography?

Street and Documentary Photography (Travel and Projects)

Methods for Critique and Evaluation - Judging Club Photography

Portraiture, Social and People


Abstract Photography

Travelogues from Asia, Europe, South America and the Antarctic.
(See Galleries)



 Romania post Ceaucescu                 50 frames 1990 Guildhall, Gloucester

Gypsy Girl and child.                         John Kobal Awards 1990 Zelda Cheatle Gallery

Wetlands and the Isthmus               20 frames 1994 Arts Gallery, University of Gloucestershire 

Digital experiments                          University of Gloucestershire. 35 frames. 1995

56 Hours.  NHS Doctor on call         30 frames. University of Westminster. Regent St. London 2000

High Street.                                      6 frames. Bridge Gallery, Brick Lane. London 2002

Bucharest, City and People            135 frames.  October 2003 Romanian National Theatre, Bucharest

Family Identity                                 Imagine Awards. Celebrating 50 years of the discovery of DNA. 

                                                         The BBC and The Wellcome Trust. The Royal Albert Hall. 2003

Snow Viewing                                  Southampton City Art Galley 2018-19 - projects and experiences

Beginner's Mind                               Turner Sims Concert Hall foyer - 2019 - experiential experiments.

Many group exhibitions including the Southampton Art Gallery Open Exhibition and many college and Phorum exhibitions