Photographic Projects

Projects and Exhibitions

Snow Viewing

 Snow Viewing - click here for a gallery of the exhibition in Southampton City Art Gallery.

Beginner's Mind

Beginner's Mind - click here for a gallery of the exhibition in the Turner Sims Concert Hall, University of Southampton.

British Army in Training

The British Army in Training.

Sandhurst Officer Training - Passing Out Day.

Winchester Army Training Regiment - Basic Training.

Longmoor - Riot and Urban Training.

Catterick - Field, Bayonet and Urban Environment Training.

Ypres - The Household Cavalry and Wesh Guards Commemorate WW1 Battlefields.

The project accompanied a Symposium on War Photography as part of the onset of WW1 commemorations.

 The Newport Inn. A very traditional pub.

The Newport Inn, Braishfield near Romsey, Hampshire.

A project documenting the Newport Inn which had barely changed since the 1940s.

The Landlady moved there as a young girl in 1941 with her parents. Janet died in 2014 and the pub is no longer.

Portraits and People

Portraits in the studio, in the street, commercial, for friends and for art's sake.

People and Portraits commercial, arty and personal.

Bucharest at the Millennium

Bucharest, ten years post Ceaucescu, a portrait of the city photographed on a Hasselblad X-Pan and Lomo.

150 -20 x 16 prints exhibited in the Romanian National Theatre - Teatru National.

Bucuresti at the millennium - post Ceaucescu Romania.

The High Street

A short essay on the commercialising and standardising of the high street. Seven city centres photographed

to include W.H. Smith and Mark and Sparks. The city derives character from its people.

The High Street - Exhibited in Truman Gallery, London

56 Hours On Call

A Senior House Officer is on call 24 hours each day over a weekend in a large West Midlands hospital.

She's responsible for five wards and admissions through A and E and is the only person who is always

there as nurses and consultants come and go.

During this shift she managed to sleep just three hours between constant bleeps of her pager. 

That week she worked 133 hours.

Fifty Six Hours On Call in a large West Midlands hospital.

Marine Galleries

Each year around midsummer, 1800 yachts and 16,000 sailors compete in the "Round the Island" race.

The island is the Isle of Wight and the race is from Cowes to Cowes along the Solent,

around the Needles past Freshwater to St Catherine's Head, past Sandown, Shanklin and Ventnor,

around Bembridge and avoiding running aground on Ryde Sands back to Cowes the fast yachts can

do the 70 miles in three hours, a 20 foot cruiser might take fifteen hours at just four or five knots.

Round the Island Race 2008

Round the Island Race 2009

Round the Island Race 2010